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Fly Fishing 101

Fly Fishing 101 – Seasonal Walk and Wade only

Full Day: $400 (1-2 anglers) / Up to 2 Additional anglers: $160 each


Been thinking about taking up the sport of fly fishing? Not sure where to start? Look no further. This on-the-water clinic teaches everything you need to know to head out on your own. We start with the equipment we use, rod, reel, line, and how they all function together. Then we teach the common knots used in fly fishing. From there we teach you a roll cast, pick up and put down cast, and a basic overhead cast. Once everyone has the casting down, we forage for aquatic insects and talk about the flies that match them. After a short break for lunch, we work on wading across the river, and where trout should be. Finally, we start fishing and teaching proper presentation of your flies to where the fish are. With some newly gained skills and a little luck, we finish off the day with a few fish to the net.


This clinic was originally designed to teach youth how to succeed at fly fishing during my time as youth coordinator for a local fly fishing club. Over the years I discovered that the clinic was equally beneficial to adults just learning how to fly fish as well. My goal with this clinic was to give anglers information and the beginning skills to succeed, on the water, on their own. It has proven a very effective clinic for both youth and adults. This clinic is seasonal (late April through September), and space is limited to a maximum of 4 anglers per clinic. We will either do the clinic on a small creek or lake, North of Chico, California. If you are ready to get into fly fishing, don’t miss your opportunity. Now is the right time.

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