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Lake Almanor/Eagle Lake

Lakes – Boat only

Full Day: $525 (1-2 Anglers) / Half Day/Hex Hatch: $425 (1-2 Anglers)   


Lake Almanor – Float tube only/Hex Hatch only

Hex Hatch: $150 ea (3 Anglers minimum – 6 Anglers maximum)


So rivers, streams, and creeks aren’t your cup of tea. How about mountain lakes for large hard fighting trout? Lake Almanor fishes year-round while Eagle Lake is a seasonal lake. Eagle Lake fishes exceptionally well during November and December. Lake Almanor has big rainbow trout, brown trout, smallmouth, and salmon. Eagle has both a native and hatchery population, of the original strain of rainbow trout. On both lakes, these fish are big, healthy, and hard fighting. They are well-fed by aquatic insects, crustaceans, and smelt year-round. My Favorite time of year is the Hex Hatch on Lake Almanor in June. Really big fish, coming to the surface to, eat big yellow mayflies. This is the best time of year to catch a big trout on the surface. Brush up on those casting skills, because once the hatch starts, it is fast and furious for about an hour straight.

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